The Islamic personality Vol 3 (Arabic)

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The Islamic Personality Vol 1 (Ash-Shakhsiyya Al Islamiya) is the first part of the 3 volume masterpiece written by Shaykh Taqiuddin An-Nabhānī.

The Third Volume focuses on Establishing a firm base in the principles of Jurispudence - usul al Fiqh enabling the reader to appreciate what constitutes Ijtihad, the process of Ijtihad and much more.

All the things you will learn with this book cannot be explained in a short description. You will gain 492 pages of deep knowledge & understanding about what constitutes the Islamic Personality & how to develop and nurture it.

This book is a must read for all those sincere thinkers, scholars and dai's who are working tirelessly to understand the true nature of revival and restore the status of the Islamic Ummah as the leading nation in the world.


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  • Pagina's: 492
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