Commentary & Explanation of Mafaheem - Hafez Saleh

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Since the middle of the twelfth century A.H (eighteenth century AD.) the Islamic world has rapidly declining from the level it should be and has sunk horribly to the abyss of decline. Despite numerous attempts undertaken to revive it, or at least to halt its continued decline, no single attempt has succeeded. The Islamic world remained fumbling in a state of gloom anarchy and decline, and it still suffers the pains of such backwardness and confusion.

And in an attempt to stop the decline and revive the Islamic Ummah many movement arose to halt this decline and this was because these groups did not address the basis due to which the Islamic ummah was declining and how it could be revived.

The book Mafaheem Hizb Ut Tahrir by the eminent Jurist, Thinker and statesman, Sheikh Taqiuddin An Nabhani is a deep and unbiased research into the conceptual reasons of the failure of the Islamic movements that arose in the past 2 centuries.

This book mainly was written with the objective to clarify the key thoughts and concepts which the Ummah was confused in and therefore was not unable to stop the decline in the Islamic Ummah.


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